Own up such as this racing pigeon easily How to Investing in Racing Pigeons

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Own such this pigeon easily Investing in Racing Pigeons
Investing in Racing Pigeons Do you need to Own such this pigeon ?
Do you need expensive pigeons?
how to tame pigeon ?
Investing in Racing PigeonsIt is one of the most interesting hobbies
You will need only a pigeon loft in one of the rooms of the house pigeons don't need hard work to set it up to racing pigeons
pigeon racing The most beautiful thing in this life is thatA Day in the Life of Young Racing Pigeons
There are plenty of designs for pigeon breeding loft
pigeon breeding Since incubating the eggs Like your spoiled child when you watch it grow
skyleader pigeons It's the metal rings that are on the feet of homing pigeons
small pigeon breeding loft It is enough to produce a profitable pigeon bird, but the important thing is simple pigeon loft design and racing pigeon breeding tips
racing pigeons gallery
racing pigeon breeding It's easy And the most beautiful is that watching racing pigeon and success racing pigeon loft design
racing pigeon loft
Pigeons are among the birds that amaze the whole world
Because it’s intelligence, speed, and various skills
Also the species of pigeons vary and differ, in general, it’s amazing and wonderful
But today we will talking at the rarest species of pigeons, which is the Belgian racing pigeon
This pigeon is one of the rarest and most expensive types of pigeons in the world, due to many features
We will learn about it together in this video
There are types of pigeons so expensive that one pigeon was sold for $2 million
It is normal for such rare factions to be sold at public auction for the seller to obtain
At the highest possible price it can reach at auction, and this is what happened with the Belgian racing pigeon that claims Armando
It was offered at auction, and the highest expected price was $400,000
But a Chinese businessman obsessed with Belgian racing pigeons has turned the auction on its head
Where he bought Armando for $2 million, which is equivalent to triple expected price
Thus, Armand became the most expensive bathroom sold in the world
If we try to think of the benefit that this Chinese businessman will gain from paying all this money
We will find that Armando will pay back to the businessman by participating in the Chinese races for racing pigeons
And let's start getting winnings soon This is in addition to the fact that the businessman seems to be marrying it to produce pigeons of the same species and quality, because if you know, the average age of pigeons ranges between 20 to 25 years.
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