PigeonPixels 7: Will & Falco Ebben, Leeuwen NL (FREE FILM, English subtitles click on c)

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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In the seventh film of PigeonPixels, we visit the founder of PigeonPixels by popular request. Will and Falco Ebben each race from their own loft with a very small number of pigeons. Will has been racing (with Falco) at a top level from his location for 25 years and after Falco started racing old pigeons in 2020, the brakes were released... over the last three years he has finished among the best 10 fanciers in the Netherlands and has won numerous championships. You will hear and see everything about their system in this film.

You can rent the other six PigeonPixels films via www.pigeonpixels.com

Do you have questions about the system of Will & Falco? Do not send them emails or Whatsapp-messages, but ask your questions in the comment section below!
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