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PigeonPixels1 - Racing Youngsters Part 3 (2013, English subtitled)

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in
69 Bekeken


The first pigeonpixels film (from 2013) now for free on youtube!

One of the toughest games in pigeonsport is definitely racing youngsters. A successful performing loft of young birds is not solely a sign of their quality, it's also a testament of excellence of the fancier himself.

We have selected four specialists for you, and we present all the important details of these championlofts for you. How are they dealing with the young bird sickness adeno-coli, what's their treatment of one eye cold? It is really necessary to roadtrain your youngsters daily? What is more effective: the widowhood- or natural system?

Just a few examples of the great deal of information we are offering you in this first film produced by PigeonPixels (2013).

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