PIPA: Shaping the Racing Pigeon World | Extensive Documentary .

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Discover the incredible story of PIPA, formerly known as Pigeon Paradise, and its impact on the global racing pigeon community. Founded in 2000, PIPA has become a key player in promoting pigeon sports, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. This documentary delves into PIPA's mission to connect pigeon fanciers worldwide, provide up-to-date news, and offer only the highest quality pigeons through exclusive auctions and brokerage. Learn about PIPA racing pigeons and the breeding of elite pigeons at the PIPA Elite Center, ensuring top genetic quality. Join us for an insightful look into this revolutionary project in the racing pigeon world, presented by the PIPA team. Visit the ultimate racing pigeon website for more information on PIPA racing pigeon and PIPA breeding.
pipa racing pigeon website : https://www.pipa.be/en
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