Q&A loft visit with Nemelka Racing Pigeon Loft (NRPL): OLR master breeder

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MUST WATCH!! Questions and answers session with OLR legend Joe Nemelka of Nemelka Racing Pigeon Loft (NRPL)! This is a long one BUT well worth your time! A lot of insight and wisdom is shared.

Also Joe shows us some of his top breeders as well as a few NRPL birds that will be available in one of 3 US racing pigeons auctions this fall:
1) Omaha Grainbelt Auction
2) Vita King Christmas Auction
3) California Classic Auction of Champions

Here is a list of some of the questions I asked Joe:

00:00 START
02:21 What role does inbreeding play in your breeding program?
05:18 Tell us about your 2022 OLR season
06:51 What role does luck play in OLR?
23:54 Do you prefer cocks or hens for OLR and why?
24:56 Do you perform DNA testing on your birds before you send them out to races?
30:07 How do you decide when to break up a proven pair or try something new?
31:49 What do you consider an adequate Number of youngsters tested before one can determine the quality of the breeder? 6? 10?
34:05 How did you decide on the bloodlines that you’ve brought in OR that forms the base of your birds?
40:00 Which OLR do you consider the best testing grounds of one’s birds? Or put differently, what region of the US (or world) provides the most rigorous test of one’s birds?

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