racing pigeon auction : 'Super 5' Champion Racing Pigeon from Andreas Drapa - Now at Auction!

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Join us as we present the exceptional racing pigeon 'Super 5' from Andreas Drapa, now available in auction on the Herbots Racing Pigeon website. With an impressive record of winning 5 prizes in 5 races, 'Super 5' is a standout pigeon:

???? 1st place against 2,008 birds at 143km
???? 1st place against 1,274 birds at 210km
???? 3rd place against 1,742 birds at 143km
???? 12th place against 474 birds at 100km

This champion pigeon is a double granddaughter of the famous 'Porsche 911' and the granddaughter of the 1st National Bourges winner against 19,735 birds.

Father: 'Laurend' B20-4157099
Mother: 'Lucy' B21-4153287

The current bid is 1700 euros, placed by Louis Gurino from the USA. Don't miss your chance to own a pigeon with an outstanding racing lineage and proven track record.

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