Racing Royalty: Episode 5 Unveils Mark Kitchenbrand's Pigeon Dynasty on 'Talking Pigeons!'

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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???? Get ready for a pigeon racing extravaganza in Episode 5 as we unravel the extraordinary legacy of Mark Kitchenbrand, part of South Africa's oldest active racing pigeon family since 1907! ????️ Mark, along with his father and brothers, has notched up over 500 victories, making "Kitchenbrand's Loft - Club 500" an unparalleled powerhouse in pigeon racing.

???? Mark's journey is marked by triumphs, including dominating the TRPF Single Bird to-Count Champion Points Averages in 2007 and 2009, with the family being the only known one with three members in the top ten. His pigeons have earned prestigious titles, with one even crowned as the Gold Medal Winner for Best Short Distance Bird in South Africa, competing against 200,000 pigeons!

???? Join us on 'Talking Pigeons with Russell van der Merwe' as Mark not only shares his incredible journey but also imparts valuable tips, advice, and techniques used in the pigeon racing world. From world-class acquisitions like "Birdy" to offering top-quality offspring through "Kitchenbrand Loft - Club 500," Mark and Naomie Kitchenbrand are redefining excellence and support in pigeon racing, making waves internationally. ???????? Don't miss this captivating episode releasing soon! Subscribe now: ???? #PigeonRoyalty #KitchenbrandDynasty #PigeonRacingExcellence #PigeonTipsAndTechniques
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