Stellaris Galactic Paragons Cold War

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Stellaris Galactic Paragons DLC releases today at 6pm CEST. Lets play with other players and compete in a new galaxy.

Let the Cold War begin.

Live on Tuesday at 5pm CEST

I will be giving away the new DLC during the stream! To be in with a chance of getting a free DLC key for Stellaris Galactic Paragons join along live!

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It's a livestream but...
0:00 Waitscreen
0:30 Stream Start
6:19 Empire Creation
30:06 Gameplay Start

Stellaris Version 3.8

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War rules:
Year 0-10: Only precontact wars are allowed, precontact invasion and precontact bombardment of populated planets is banned all game
Year 10-35: Animosity wars and Claim wars for systems without populated planets/habitats allowed. No system with a player controlled populated planet/habitat can be claimed before year 50
Year 35-50: Subjugation, Ideology, Containment & Despoliation wars allowed
Year 50+: All wars allowed. (Note: Total war empires can’t declare war with their special wargoal before year 50)
Year 70: No claiming capitals before year 70 (let people test out the patch).
Players can rebel against their overlord 5 years after being subjugated
Expropriation war can be fought against a Criminal Syndicate all game

Player subjugation rules:
Diplomatic subjugation between players is banned
Subjugation terms can't be changed except from vassal to tribute (or vice versa), basic terms must be used
If both overlord and subject agree, a contract can be changed to a specialist vassal, basic terms must still be used
Players with subjects can't form federations or join a federation unless that federation has “Can subjects join” set to “no” (new feds can't do this for 10 years).
Megacorps can't use Hostile Takeover policy
Integration of subject empires can’t be started before year 50

Other rules:
AI spawning origins are banned (Scion, Lost Colony, Common Ground, Hegemon, Fiefdom).
Players can only subjugate AI through war or by releasing a sector (demanding or accepting subjugation through diplomacy is banned)
No AI abuse (fx. unfair trade deal or accepting free resources)
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