Storm King's Thunder - session 68 - Secrets may unfold, if we survive - D&D Actual play

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'TTRPG Box' presents "Storm King's Thunder" GM'd by Lorenzo, streamed Fridays at 1pm(-ish) EDT.
Join our intrepid adventurers as they try to find out what is happening to the giants in Faerun and getting sidetracked on the way.

So follow us on twitch to see if our heroes will ever get on track to dealing with the giants.
Wish them luck and hope they don't die before they actually get to the end of this campaign. :D

Special tanks to Forgotten Adventures for all the assets that made the beautiful overlay possible.

Another special thanks to the music artists that make our games more immersive:
Music by Owl Theory -
Music by Andrew Sitkov - › andrey-sitkov
Music by Olivier Girardot - › oliviergirardot-music
Music by Jonathan Shaw -
Music by Michael Ghelfi Studios -
Music by Epidemic Sounds -
Music from Shards of the Storm Collaboration
Music by McRoMusic -
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