Super Quality Breeder Racing Pigeon For Sale In Excelsior Pigeons Auction

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Credit Goes To Excelsior Pigeons Auction

'Young Beady 070'
o Cock
Pigeon colour: Red Chq
Eye colour: Red
Red Cock "YOUNG BEADY 070" 23X03070
Direct Son of the Highly Regarded "BEADY EYES"
Here's a handsome young cock that carries a
wealth of winning genes
Sire : "Beady Eyes" 17V67625
A superbly well bred cock, this cock is an inbred
direct son of "BROTHER OF NEW RODE"
Known as "BROTHER OF NEW RODE" he's a Full
Brother to the terrific "GOED ROOD" hen
and a 1/2 brother to "KITTEL", "GREIPEL", "GOLD
DUST", "VALE AS" etc
"GOED ROOD" - Often regarded as Dirk's
"favourite hen"

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