The biggest threat is those that worship the VOID - RimWorld Eldritch Guards EP25

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» Eldritch Guards is a RimWorld 1.5 Anomaly series where a reactionary force of space marines are sent down to a planet overrun with horrific creatures, tasked with conscripting an army and containing the threat, all while piecing together the shattered local government who caused the catastrophe.

» Backstory, goals, mods, DLCs, storyteller and scenario can be found here:

» Do not spoil the content of Anomaly DLC in the comments, spoiler comments will be removed. Thank you.

» Characters are raffled off to live viewers and and live viewers can vote on priorities to guide the progression of the series.

» Version: RimWorld 1.5 and all DLCs enabled

» Mods: No Time Change Sounds + Fahrenheit and Celsius

» Viewer Driven Content
The priorities I work on are largely determined by live viewers, if you would like to influence the direction of this series I welcome you to join me on stream. This series is streamed live on

» Eldritch Guards Playlist:

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