The Marathon Duiven of Frans and Jose Belleter - Olympiad Pigeon

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Jose and Frans Belleter - Marathon Duiven

Nispen is a small village just to the South of Roosendall and only just
inside the Dutch border with Belgium. It is so close to the Belgian border
that recently, when the threat of Avian Flu caused the Dutch pigeons to
be confined to their lofts, Frans could only watch as his neighbour's
pigeon, located in Belgium, flew around their loft and over Frans's head.
Nispen is in a very pigeon part of Holland as only just down the road is
Steenbergen, seen by many as the heart of the Dutch pigeon sport, and
if it is not the centre it is an area that has played an enormous part in
Dutch pigeon history.

How it began.
Frans started with pigeons when he was just 11 years old and his
parents quickly realised just how deep his interest was, and no doubt
were very pleased to see him take up with such a rewarding hobby, that
they bought him a clock which he still has to this day, in good working
order. His interest gradually developed towards long distance racing and
one of the first pigeons he bought, with this sort of racing in mind, was
a hen NL88-8819816, that came to be known as "DE LADY". He bought
"DE LADY" from Cees Suijkerbuijk of Lepelstraat and she turned out to
be a superb breeding hen appearing in the pedigrees of many of his top
racers over several generations. She was bred from a Suijkerbuik hen, a
good racer herself taking several top positions including 109th National
Dax, when paired to a cock from Hans Oostenrijk down from the
"GOUDRING". The Oostenrijk pigeons of course have been used to good
effect in the families produced by Brugemann Brothers and C.J. van de
Laan to mention but two. Gradually Frans has added pigeons from Theo
Ernest of Halsteren and more recently J. Theelen of Buggenum, H.
Wijnands & Zn. of Maastricht and Van de Wegen of Steenbergen. Using
both inbreeding and out crossing he has produced a succession of all
weather, hard flying pigeons that have won many top prizes in National
and International competition from 850 to 1200 km. Frans likes to
inbreed for a couple of generations and then outcross but he has
produced good pigeons at all stages of this programme. Just looking at
one or two of these champions we can start with a nest pair NL96-
9668042/3 being "DE MAGIC" and "DE ANNE" respectively, both bred
directly from "DE LADY".


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