The Phenomenal CHIPO Dynasty - Benny Steveninck Colony

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Welcome to my channel l Pekeng Ilokano channel is about History of Racing Pigeon of World Famous and Legendary Pigeon Fanciers.

Benny Steveninck, based in Hamme, Belgium, is a renowned figure in the world of pigeon racing. His loft houses a team of fantastic racing pigeons that have consistently achieved remarkable results.

The Steveninck Colony:
Benny’s journey in pigeon racing began in 1998 when he decided to give it another shot after building a house in Hamme. Pigeons were always part of his life, thanks to his father Raymond, who was also a passionate pigeon fancier. When Benny married his wife Carine, they started their own pigeon venture in their little garden.

Carine’s enthusiasm and support played a crucial role in the success of the Steveninck colony. Benny, who was a train driver, eventually retired and could fully dedicate himself to his favorite pastime: pigeon racing.

The Phenomenal “Chipo”:
Benny’s decision to focus on the middle distance paid off when he acquired pigeons from West-Flemish fancier Willy Van Houtte. These Van Houtte pigeons formed the foundation of his loft.

However, everything changed in 2003 when a remarkable cock named “Chipo” emerged. As a youngster, Chipo achieved outstanding results, including multiple first prizes and provincial ace pigeon titles. Chipo’s bloodline became the cornerstone of Benny’s success.
Top Season 2021:
Benny and Carine had a sublime top season in 2021. Their results showcased the enduring quality of the Steveninck pigeons. Notably:

2nd National Champion KBDB Fond old birds '21
13th National ace KBDB middle distance yearlings '21
15th National ace KBDB middle distance yearlings '21
20th National Champion Fond youngsters '21

Continued Excellence:
The Steveninck pigeons continue to shine, with descendants of Chipo consistently delivering impressive performances. Grandson Pepchi and Brother Pepchi are among the stars that have contributed to their success .
In summary, Benny Steveninck’s loft is a testament to pure class and unwavering dedication in the world of pigeon racing. His legacy, built on the wings of remarkable birds, continues to soar.


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