They Rearrange Council of TIme Part 2 | #counciloftime

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They Rearrange Council of TIme | Part 2
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Welcome to our daily rebroadcast podcast of Council of Time Daily Excellence on End Generation Project! Uncover the unsettling connections between influential families, Big Pharma, and mortality projections. This critical examination invites reflection on societal dependencies and the imperative for adaptive action. Join us as we navigate these complex issues and envision a path forward.????️

Mike from Around the World (Mike from COT, MFATW), Michael of the Council of Time, passionately engages in not-for-profit work through online Bible study, talks, and Biblical prophecy. In our estimate Michael is one of the most important Christian apologists of our time. However End Generation Project is not affiliated with Council of Time (COT) and is not authorized to make statements regarding COT's doctrine or opinions. Any views or opinions expressed by End Generation Project are solely its own and do not represent those of the Council of Time Visit their ONLY official website below for any inquiries or more insightful content. ????️

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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:00 - Skip Intro
00:03:00 -I do I really Do
00:12:14 Very Rich
00:23:35 Then before He actually goes
00:39:10 He is the reason
00:50:00 In that gentlemans circle
00:59:23 It is His power - Outro

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