Top Quality Breeder Racing Pigeon From " Frits & Wyste Mantel " Bloodlines For Sale In Pipa Auction

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Frits & Wytse Mantel (NL)
Exclusive OLR Auction
As one of the first top pigeon fanciers in the Netherlands, father Frits and son Wytse Mantel made the decision to fully focus on One Loft Races. It's striking how often their name appears when it comes to a top ten placement in various finals and ace pigeon rankings. Since the start of their OLR adventure, the majority of the performances can be attributed to their foundation pigeons Olympic Amador and Vardy, who first distinguished themselves in the racing lofts of Frits and Wytse and now form the basis for success in the OLR finals. Now available for auction on PIPA are offspring from special pairs, such as:
- Vardy (1st NPO Issoudun & OLR top breeder) x Henrina (super breeder and aunt of Vardy)
- Jason (father of 8x 1st & 9th final Sofia OLR) x Queen Vardy (top daughter of Vardy)
- Alonso (father of 7th & 18th final Algarve Golden Race) x Queen Vardy (top daughter of Vardy)
- Vardy (1st NPO Issoudun & OLR top breeder) x Camille (mother of 7th Grand Avg. VFWCPR 2020)

In 2024, they already excelled with a 6th and 12th place in the final of the AS Golden Greece Winter OLR. The 1st ace pigeon and 9th final winner of this race were also bred from an original Mantel pigeon, purchased on PIPA. Just one of the many references in Mantel's impressive portfolio. Another proof of their class; in the recent past, they have bred 3 national ace pigeons from a pigeon of Frits & Wytse Mantel.

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