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Video 498: North Road Championship Club Lerwick 'Kings Cup' Winning Lofts

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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Looking through my north road photo file, I found these great old pictures of North Road Championship Club Lerwick ‘Kings Cup’ winning lofts I have visited over the years. The Lerwick National has been a great tradition over many years! The NRCC was founded in 1901, basically to fly Lerwick, and the Kings Cup was presented to the club by King George V. Fanciers have to fly over 475 miles from Lerwick to get in the NRCC which had a very strong membership of 2,000 lofts, with nine sections, 60 clock stations and four marking stations, the main one being in Grantham. The club normally races a four-race programme each season, with the highlight being the Lerwick National. (November 2021)

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