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"Wisconsin's Pigeon Race" Documentary Film 2017

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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This documentary film on the pigeon racing sport covers "one loft racing" in a way you never seen before. A fancier whose racing record is so strong he has to stop racing to let others have a chance to win, in the mean time he dedicates his time to running a one loft style event to gain funds for his local club. Winner of Topeka, a race station that is considered to be the most prized win in the Midwest as it consist of 211 lofts and thousands of birds.



Wisconsin's One Loft Race

This is a one-loft race sponsored by MRP Racing Pigeon Club:

2017 event will include THREE RACES and AVERAGE SPEED:

Homing Pigeon Races is not responsible or related to this event in any way, our job is to publish relevant events and things happening within the pigeon racing world for your entertainment.

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