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Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Welcome back to Lodge Life!
So much is going on, as usual! The guys have mostly finished the boat-lift project, all that's left to do is to put the railings back on. Meanwhile I am busy cleaning the cabin and the first aid room to prepare for the arrival of the owner next week.
We caught a few more Martens and also noticed a pigeon hanging around inside the cannery. After looking it up online I found out that it was a "Canadian Racing Pigeon". Honestly Im still not too sure what that means but the website told me to try to capture it and feed it until someone could tell me what to do with it next however it flew away when I tried to pick it up.

We spent 3 weeks working hard everyday and finally on a nice sunny day the manager decided to take us out fishing on the west side of Calvert island. It was my first time on the "dark side" and again I got sea sick. The waves sure are getting me this year!
After we returned back to the lodge I helped Dwayne clean all the fish that we caught and we enjoyed fish and chips for dinner.

Last minute we found out we would be getting days off so after the barge arrived on Sunday we ate lunch and boarded the plane for Port Hardy/Vancouver.

Dwayne and Christian stayed back at the lodge to keep working on things and we will see them again on the 8th.

Coming up next time on Lodge Life I will show you our plane rides back to Vancouver and how I spent my days off in the interior of BC.

Thanks so much for watching and take care until next time
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