Deranged debate as Brandon starts to fade and Dems scramble to save him | HasanAbi Reacts |

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Educational HasanAbi Industrial Complex channel, not Hasan

The purpose of this channel is to create highly edited videos of The HasanAbi Broadcast. These videos are edited for educational purposes to showcase Hasan’s unique talking points and when necessary add sources and commentary from myself. I refine Hasan’s message to be concise and clear and tie together relevant information from various points from the stream. I use this technique to create a new narrative meant to increase the educational value of Hasan’s work. I maintain the funny, inviting atmosphere that Hasan creates to make a fun educational resource. You can consider these videos a kind of study guide for Hasan’s political work.

All editing is done by me with the express permission of HasanAbi. If you own the copyright of the content shown in this video and would like it to be removed it please email @

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