HAYANO: Defying Limits, Defining Victories | avril line #josthone

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"Introducing the remarkable bird, HAYANO, bred and raced by the esteemed REDDY'S LOFT. This incredible bird has left a mark in the world of pigeon racing with her outstanding performances." HAYANO's journey to success began with determination and skill, as she soared through the skies to achieve remarkable feats. Securing a 4th Place in the challenging 200kms race, followed by an impressive 1st Place in the demanding 300kms race, and another triumphant 1st Place in the rigorous 400kms race. Even in the face of tough competition, HAYANO proved her mettle, securing the 88th Place in the prestigious 500kms race organized by APHPWA, outperforming hundreds of competitors. Her lineage is nothing short of extraordinary, as she is the granddaughter of TRUST, an incredible winner at Roy's Loft. With such impressive genes, HAYANO holds the promise of producing future champions. Trust me when I say, HAYANO is truly a special bird. With her exceptional performances and strong lineage, she is destined to make a significant impact in the world of pigeon racing. Stay tuned as we follow the journey of HAYANO and witness her continued success on the racecourse.

bird belongs to avril i.e., Jos Thone lineage.
Jos Thoné (1961) is one of the leading names in pigeon racing, both in Belgium and abroad. In 1991 he settled in As with his wife Gabriella, the youngest daughter to his father-in-law and mentor Thomas Peeters. From that year onwards, he managed to create a magnificent strain of racing pigeons, winning from sprint up to extreme long distance. The Thoné Strain is doing very well in pigeon races across the globe – from the American continent over Europe to China – and this in turn has made Jos Thoné a world-famous fancier.

Jos is known as a true all-round pigeon fancier performing consistently at the highest level on all distances. He continues to adapt his methods to the evolving sport of pigeon racing. He has successfully introduced various innovative methods and ideas, that have later been adopted by many fanciers (e.g. in-loft construction and interior installation, blackout with supplementary lighting, full-widowhood and having one pigeon winning exceptionally in five National races in the same season, etc.). Jos is just as motivated and passionate about pigeon racing as in his early days and is now passing his love for pigeons on to his sons, Maxim (1994) and Xavier (1989).

4x World Champion
6x ‘Gouden Duif’
5x Olympiad Pigeon
8x 1. National KBDB
2x 1. International
1x Overall National Champion KBDB
1x National Champion KBDB young birds
12x 1. National Champion BDS
14x 1. National Champion LCB
1x National Champion KBDB long distance, yearlings
Jos Thoné: "From the moment I could walk, I was interested in pigeons. At least, so says my father who also still races pigeons. You couldn't get me out of the lofts in the following years. I pedalled my bike like a mad man on my way home from school, to be back to the lofts as quickly as possible. I was busy with the care, feeding, releasing, anything and everything. When that was done, I was off to the basketting room to help getting the baskets ready, preparing the clocks, cleaning and any other chores. I was often the only youngster among the grown men but I didn't care. I already knew that pigeons would be a determining factor in my life and that I wanted to reach the top. It was a sort of burning passion which I can't explain."

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