" Herman's " Top Class Racing Pigeon Bloodline For Sale In Herbots Pigeons Auction

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
7 Bekeken
Credit Goes To Herbots Pigeons Auction


2 Chimay 392b. 150km
5 NPO Orleans 1,494b. 446km
12 Charleville 284b. 162km
19 Chimay 644b. 150km
46 Chalons 643b. 254km
83 Rethel 3,662b. 198km

Father: “Magic Valence” NL14-1304715

2nd ace Limburg one-day-fond ‘16
8 NPO Valence 2,316b.

Direct son “Magic Kannibal” (won, no doubles, 1st NPO 5,185b., 8th NPO 6,261b., 26th NPO 11,852b.) x “Prima d’Onne 2” (born out 1st nat. ace Marathon x 1st Nat. ace Fond – original Veenstra Pieter)

Mother: “Daughter TT Couple” NL17-1463381
Is a full sister to winners of:
1st NPO Montluçon
1st and 6th NPO Lorris
2nd, 8th and 8th NPO Chateauroux
Direct daughter “Inbred Kannibaal” x “Daughter Blue Magic”
“Inbred Kannibaal” B07-2253251 – original Van Roy K.
Base breeder @ Huub Hermans
Grandson “De Kannibaal” (Dirk Van Dyck)
“Daughter Blue Magic” NL07-1014544
Born out champion bird “Blue Magic”

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