Son Of " New Goad Grijs " Top Class Racing Pigeon Bloodline For Sale In Herbots Auction

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
24 Bekeken
Credit Goes To Herbots Pigeons Auction

Half-brother, same father, to “Nieuw Goed Grijs”
“Nieuw Goed Grijs” won:
1st National ace NPO M.D. 2023

Father: “Inbred Goed Grijs” NL21-4601544
- original Belgium Speed Pigeon – 100% Leideman Gebr.
Is a double grandson of “Goed Grijs”
“Goed Grijs” B15-6106415 – original Gebr. Van den Brande
7 x 1st
1st NPO Laon 6,371b.
1st Duffel 5,821b.
1st Heusden 2,775b.
1st Laon 1,052b.
and so on
Only 4 direct children were raced and won:
1st S-Prov. ace S.D. ’19
1st Prov. Hannut 5,477b.
1st Prov. Venlo 4,429b.
1st Chimay 1,464b.
1st Chimay 1,006b. - 2nd fastest 18,006b.
Is current base breeding hen at Leideman Gebroeders
Is a grandson of “Crack 19”
“Crack 19” NL14-1466919 won:
4th Prov. Soissons 6,403b.
5th Prov. Morlincourt 5,924b.
6th NPO Sens 4,237b.
6th NPO Lorris 1,769b.
Bred in 3 generations:
2 Olympiad birds
3 x 1st National ace bird
+20 winners in big competion
Is father to current base breeder “Arturo”

Mother: “B19-6250494” – original Gebr. Van den Brande
Direct daughter “Zwarte” (won from Quievrain: 1st/107b.- 3rd/198b. – 3rd/119b. – 6th/855b. and so on) x "Daughter Piraat” (1st Quievrain 471b.)
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