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'Huma' NL12-1222329, 1st NPO Orléans Section 8 against 4,000 pigeons

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'Hana' NL12-1222329, 1st NPO Orléans Section 8 against 4,000 pigeons.

Raced by Will & Falco Ebben and bred by Chris Aalpoel (75% strain Will & Falco Ebben).

As a youngster she could only be entered for 5 times. She won 4 prizes 1:10 and 2 x 1:100. We named her 'Huma', which means 'bird that brings luck' in Arabic.

At the NPO races she won as a youngster:

13th NPO Morlincourt 4,548 pigeons
45th NPO Peronne 6,668 pigeons

For her pedigree check http://www.duivensites.nl/ebben/default.asp?ContentId=1865&LanguageId=44&CategoryId=-1&NewsId=73084.

Her father is a son to super breeder NL07-1513778 'Cyrus' mated to a hen of Ad Schaerlaeckens. Direct children of 'Cyrus' won among others:

NL10-1404018 'Fargo': One of the best one day long distance pigeons of the Netherlands and still at the racing loft. Was 11 times entered on the one day long distance and won 11 x 1:10. He became 1st Ace one day long distance in our combine (600 members) in 2012 and 4th Ace pigeon in our combine in 2012.

NL08-1241483 'Diablo': 1st NPO Morlincourt 16.971 pigeons

NL09-5910006 'Evolution':1st Menen 2.544 pigeons (2nd fastest 14,474 pigeons), 2nd ace pigeon youngsters federation, 3rd ace (beaten by 2 loft mates) one day long distance federation and so on...

NL10-1404063 'Freya': 1st Morlincourt 5,364 pigeons

NL10-1404011: 1st St. Job 667 pigeons

NL10-1404010: 2 x 1st & 6th Nanteuil le Haudoin (+ 'Teletext' mention) against 4,870 pigeons.

More info at www.ebbenpigeons.com

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