Ivan Toney Finally Opens Up About His Ban & Reveals His Preferred Future Team!

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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He has previously said that he would “speak soon with no filter”, for Ivan Toney that time is now.

00:00 Intro
02:02 What Made Ivan Toney?
04:57 Bouncing Back from Rejection & Going to Newcastle
10:59 High-Paid & Mixing with the Wrong Crowds
12:15 Advice to Your Younger Self
13:28 The Disappointment When They Loaned Me Out
16:17 Transferring to Peterborough United & Change of Attitude
22:54 Becoming a Father & Improving My Game
24:18 Finding Out Brentford Wanted Me
27:17 The Unseen Reasons why Brentford are so successful
32:11 Being Player of the Year at 26 Years Old
33:27 Why Didn’t You Make It To the Final World Cup Squad?
37:25 Hitting Rock Bottom
42:04 Your Famous Tweet
45:38 Scanning Your Phone for Personal Data
50:08 Gambling and Its Impact on Your Mental Health
01:14:45 Your Family & Brentford's Fanbase Support
01:18:38 What’s Next for You?
01:25:59 What Advice Would You Give Your Children?
01:29:07 What Would You Like to Say That You Haven't Said Before?
01:31:11 Racism in Football: Taking the Knee & Vinicius Junior
01:33:58 Countdown Until Your Next Match
01:37:33 Last Guest's Question

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