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Pigeon Fighters | Varanasi India

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It is one of the very rare occasions to be seen on earth:

*The Bird Fighters on the roof-tops of Varanasi*

When I dive into the city of Varanasi the ear-battering whistling and yelling is heard all over the place.

Actually at the beginning I could not locate and address the riot.
First, I went to the ghats, and the small roads in old-town where I thought there must be the source. Perhaps the buffalo-men could be the source.

Totally wrong. It was not easy to locate in the narrow roads of old-town surrounded by 4 to 6 story buildings where sounds are simply duplicated. I got confused.

I had to go for the big picture, up to the roof-tops.

Eventually I found what I was looking for.

I was astonished and speechless about the scenery. On several roofs, sometimes the men have their stand on metal cages, it sounds similar as it have must been on an archaic battlefield.

Ear-smashing whistling and yelling with passion. What noises, I thought. Perhaps I was astonished because the noise level (as almost everywhere in India) and the noise picture is the total opposite of western world Klangkulisse. Goosebumps.

Nevertheless, something is missing, right. Why are these guys yelling like in hell?

Huh, It's about birds!

Pigeons, to be precise. Many of them, in several schools divided, powered on by the whistling and yelling of the men on the roofs.

Actually, it is a game going on, competition. The communication between men and bird is incredible to watch, how the animals react when Kishan Jee starts to *talk* with them.

Pigeons are superfast flyers, (pigeon races in the US are famous not only because Mike Tyson is doing so) and intelligent creatures.

In India, Varanasi, it is all about the fighting. In the sense of collecting competitor birds.

The schools of pigeons, around 20 to 30 birds, try to mix up with each other in the air during flying. Most perhaps it is about the leadership of the bird men on the roof strongly communicating with the school and eventually the leadership of the pigeons in the school to collect competitor birds and to bring them back to home territory.

So, the men on the roof raise these animals and start to work with them after a few months old.

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