Racing Pigeons - George Rankin & Jennifer Rankin (TOP ONE LOFT RACE BREEDER USA!!!)

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Hello everyone, in this video I got the pleasure of a lifetime to meet Geroge and Jennifer of APC Loft located in Houston Texas. If you don't know who this couple is, they are one of the best One Loft Race Breeders in the USA. Scoring in the Top 10 One Loft Race Breeder in the USA for 10 Years straight. In the WINCOMPANION RACE REPORT, it showed the Top Ten Racing One Loft from 2012 to 2022. In this report, APC Loft had 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2022 years were the First champion Loft in the USA. Of 4 years were 2nd champion. Not only that they receive an award from FCI International for the 2013 and 2014 races from The American Racing Pigeon Union. They received the 5th place Overall Diploma and Metal for finishing 5th place with 41 countries, sending 16,500 Pigeons on 23 official FCI Races where Geroge and Jennifer of APC Loft placed FIRST USA loft in this prestigious competition. Their main Foundation Breeder is the Kleine Figo, which has made up most of their birds today. They also do heavy line breeding with the Kleine Figo, scoring astonishing results every year with this type of breeding. You will learn some Pro Tips and Advice from these 2 long-timers in the sport and for sure will learn something from watching this video. Geroge answered a few questions that I had for him and even showed me around their breeding facility, which is one of the biggest breeding Loft in the USA. I still can't believe that I got this opportunity to visit them, meet them, and film this video. I am blessed and grateful for this day, as they usually don't let many come, let alone film their place. They are at the age where they can no longer do things on their own and now have workers to help out around. With age comes health and strength decline, but they were nice enough for me to stop by for a quick visit, interview, and loft tour. Thank you again to Geroge and Jennifer of APC Loft for this beautiful memory I will have for a lifetime. I hope you all enjoy this video, as there is a lot of information. I only wish for them to be healthy, happy and the best for them. If you have not Subscribe, please do so as it'll help me a lot. Leave a like and a comment on what you liked and took from the video.

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