SSO February the Month: Buggy Ice Age Chaos~ Roadmap Reviews S2 EP 2

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Today after somehow over 3 months we're going back in time to february the month to see the chaos in the ice age on my 21st birthday. Huge thank you to Denis, Max, Chan/Julie Macfoot, and Rubes/Ruby Masterson for taking the time to be my actors for this intro and another huge thank you to Mellee/Amelia Dreambell and Ellie/Elizabeth Riverland for accidentally testing the fort pinta champ with me.

*My actors that helped me do today's intro skit:
*The Belgian warmblood- Denis Wisestorm:
* The Welsh Pony- Max Kingmoon:
*The Frog-Morgan: Julie Macfoot:
*The Crackheaddogerisian/Gen 3 Friesian-Ruby Masterson:
*My accidental race testers:
*Amelia Dreambell:
*Elizabeth Riverland:
*Star Stable:
*Jake/Rei Lioning:
*Luna Sandgarden:
*Jake's petition:

*Check out my kofi:

*Music(in no particular order and not done yet):
*Road to Riches- Yuno Miles
*Cerulean City - Pokémon HeartGold SoulSilver OST
*Butterfly Kiss- Persona 5 OST
*Piano Ballad- iMovie
*Slide- Mario 64 OST
*Everyday days- Persona 5 OST
*Borealis- iMovie
*Gongoro Peak- Petz Dogz/Catz 2 OST
*Lancer- Deltarune OST
*Park Bench- iMovie
*Newborn- iMovie
*Soaring- iMovie
*A Woman- Persona 5 OST
*Waltz of the Flowers- Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
*Rude Buster- Deltarune OST
*Blue Dreams- Genshin Impact OST
*Cozy Leisure Time- Genshin Impact OST
*Able sisters- Animal Crossing OST

*Intro song- Home- Ukiyo
*Outro Song- Saydee- Lakely Inspired

*Check out my kofi!:

*Social Media:
*Facebook: Daniella Moonstar
*Instagram: @daniella_moonystar

*Recorder: Fraps
*Video: Sony Vegas Pro 18
*Pictures: Photoshop CS6

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