The PIPR 2024 final winner: 'Pattaya Gold'

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Have you met the final winner of the Pattaya One Loft Race 2024 already? ????'Pattaya Gold' is bred by Marc & Geert Pollin and she won the 530km final against 5,854 birds!

The professionalism and dedication with which the Pattaya International Pigeon Race is organized and has developed, is highly impressive. At this One Loft Race, the best fanciers from all over the world battle against each other, making it one of the most prestigious races on the planet. Late September more than 10,000 pigeons began the training flights from small distances. These trainings were frequent and could even take place 15 times within one month, going from 5 to 100km. In November the training flights – between 80 and 220 km – were held twice a week and finally in December the first Hot Spot races were flown starting from 245km up to 430km during the semi-final. The Grand Final took place 6th January across 530km with 5,854 pigeons at the start under relatively favorable conditions.

There is no One Loft Race in the world where that many pigeons are raced during the final! A large group of pigeons – more than 50 birds – arrived together achieving an average speed of 1530 m/min. The pigeons came home rapidly and after an hour or so already 1,500 pigeons had found their way back to the lofts. As cherry on top of the cake an extra final followed on 16th January; a selective race across 600km. On PIPA, the stars from this One Loft Race; the Final, Extra Final and Ace Pigeons will be available in auction.

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