The preparations for Dirk Van Dyck his total auction are started!

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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The auction preparations for the total auction of the legendary (late) Dirk Van Dyck has started. ????The auction will start the 9th of October on PIPA! ????
With the death of Dirk Van Dyck, pigeon racing lost one of its most amiable fanciers. A good man ... but certainly also the man whose pigeons would have an indelible impact on pigeon racing. His Kannibaal - 1st Nat. ace pigeon middle-distance KBDB 1996 - became an icon whose descendants still gather (Inter)national fame today. Because if there would have been no Kannibaal, then there would have been no Golden Lady and Kleine Dirk of Gerard Koopman ... no Dondersteen of Rik Hermans ... no Anna of Eddy Janssens or Kannibolleke of Paul Huls ... no Dirkje and so Harry of Jan Hooymans ... and so on and so on.
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