The Cool Pigeons of Middle Distance Champion - Rik Cools

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Welcome to my channel l Pekeng Ilokano channel is about History of Racing Pigeon of World Famous and Legendary Pigeon Fanciers.

Rik Cools, part-time advisor in a school in Aalter, remains at the top of pigeon racing. In 2005, he began racing pigeons by himself (it had always been in tandem before). He got off to a blitz start; by breeding together with Gaby Vandenabeele, he soon scored top results. Especially with the bloodlines of Bliksem x Frieda and with Bliksem x Bieke, which are the stock of this super colony. These foundation breeders and those of Victor from Antoine Bennot of Nazareth are the most important in the breeding loft in Ruiselede.

Since then, many have had winners with “Cools pigeons”:

1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young Birds 2014 – Tarzan
(Leo & Gerry Dockx) – 100% Rik Cools

1st National Limoges 2015 + 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2015 – Favoriet (Rudi De Saer) – 50% Rik Cools

1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Yearlings 2014 – Carla
(Freddy De Jaeger) – 50% Rik Cools

1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young Birds 2013 – Sun
(Benny Steveninck) – 25% Rik Cools


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