The legacy of Karel Schellens - Middle Distance Champion

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Welcome to my channel l Pekeng Ilokano channel is about History of Racing Pigeon of World Famous and Legendary Pigeon Fanciers.

Karel Schellens, a renowned pigeon breeder, left a lasting legacy in the world of pigeon racing. Let me share some fascinating details about his pigeons:

Auction of Karel Schellens’ Pigeons: On December 15th, 1991, a significant event took place: 100 racing pigeons from Karel Schellens were sold at auction. The Herbots brothers facilitated this transaction. Among these pigeons, 16 breeding pairs were retained, with some exceptions. These pairs were destined for a Taiwanese buyer. However, the late entrepreneur Heinz Meier had his own vision and decided to purchase 8 pairs for himself. Notably, these acquisitions included pigeons like ARGENTON, son of FENOMENALE and father to NATIONAAL I.

Schellens’ Pigeon Lineage: Karel Schellens was known for collecting the best pigeons, regardless of price. His collection included remarkable birds such as:

JANSSEN/A. DE ENGELS: With 15 first prizes, this pigeon was part of Schellens’ foundation.
JOSÉ: Daughter of GEELOGER-JANSSEN/A., bred in collaboration with Stan Raeymakers.
HOFKENS I and II: Descendants of the DRIEBANDER from Gust Hofkens.
FENOMENALE: An (incest) grandson of the founding pair of Bergmanns Frans Stoces.
NATIONAAL I: A grandson of FENOMENALE and son of ARGENTON.
And more, forming an inexhaustible lineage that continues to influence pigeon breeding today.


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