The Future of Pigeon Racing in the UK: Is the Sport in Trouble?

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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In this video, I share my project to upgrade my loft's trapping system - an important investment that will help my birds perform their best this season.

I also sit down with respected racing veterans to discuss opportunities for the sport's governing body to thrive long-term. Insightful proposals were made in the past to modernize services, increase efficiency and engagement.

While financial challenges exist, the passion of fanciers remains strong. With open dialogue and willingness to evolve, the future is bright. Members seek transparency and a voice and leadership seeks solutions. Together progress is within reach.

It's an exciting time as the next generation embraces tradition yet seeks positive change. Collaboration between members and those guiding the sport can strengthen it for decades to come. By embracing innovation and empowering all voices, the heart of racing will beat on.

Watch the full interview and subscribe to @pigeonracerTV the new Pigeon Racer YouTube channel created for more in-depth racing interviews, reviews and live streams this year.

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